Hello, my name is Ben Sisto.


Museum of Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out?
Spring/Break Art Fair, 4 Times Sq, New York
Feb 28 - March 6

Speaking on WLWLTDOO?
King's College, London
20 March, students only / email for details

Web Safe 2k16, Live in London 
Ace Hotel Shoreditch
21 March, free & open to the public

Artist in Residence
Ace Hotel Shoreditch
21-22 March

The City Reliquary Collector's Night
278 Spring Street, New York
April 8

Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out? Radio
The Lot Radio, Brooklyn, NY
April 9 + 16, 4-6 PM

Pressure Burns with Plants
Oct 6-28; reception Oct 7, 6-8pm


I have been organizing people, places and things for 20 years. I am also an artist. Efforts include things like Pacs Gallery, The gallery and AIR programs at Ace Hotel New York, some fashion stuff, LAND of Metal, a year with The Awesome Foundation and Web Safe 2k16. Some other works: 144 Darwins, Interaction of Interaction of Color and What I'm Trying to Say. 

I am open to all opportunities and projects; feel free to get in touch if you need a hand.