Sonny Pro Bono Public Domain Sample Band

Sonny Pro Bono Public Domain Sample Band produces public domain audio samples. The band was formed on the occasion of being invited to participate in Ace Hotel Pittsburgh's Artists in Residence program during the August of 2017. 

For the inaugural effort, SPBPDSB recorded sounds made with objects from The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse as a means of encouraging recycling and reuse. Sounds were recorded in the hotel's Ballroom and former swimming pool room. The Ballroom sounds have a bit more echo whereas the pool room sounds are pretty dry.

The band consisted of Kid Millions, S.R. Palm, E.E., Ben Sisto, and Claire. Anyone is welcome to join the band, so long as the works produced are public domain, and some attempt is made to make them publicly available. 

If you've downloaded, enjoyed or used SPBPDSB recordings, or if you'd just like to be a cool helpful person, consider making a donation to the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

The Samples

Download full Sample Sample Pack (32mb, 87 files)

Browse a Google Drive folder of individual samples



Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Some materials used were donated by the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, a rad organization that promotes resource conservation, creativity, and community engagement through material reuse. They achieve their mission through community initiatives including a shop where artists, teachers and everyone else can get the materials they need for their creative projects, and through our hands-on creative programs, both at their center and around the region. Donate 2 'em!

Ace Hotel Pittsburgh

Samples were recorded on site at Ace Hotel Pittsburgh, a hotel which makes its home in a century-old former YMCA building at the heart of East Liberty. They're surrounded by a community that, through grassroots support, has helped to create a place both by the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.



Audio samples Public Domain. Photos taken by V/A; please contact for rights & usage info. Sonny Pro Bono Public Domain Sample Band is an open concept; to join the band simply start making stuff.