N.E.S.T. (The North East Sticks Together) was an effort by TD Sidell, EXiMiOUS Productions (Deb), Bodies of Water Arts & Crafts (Dan Shea) and myself to do a non-festival of sorts. We’d all done a lot of local event planning and thought to just bring as lot of artists together in one week across a few venues to highlight all the different stuff going on in Boston. Some shows were at DIY venues, some at proper clubs. The N.E.S.T. logo was drawn by Ron Regé, Jr.

The lists below are not perfect; I looked through old docs and press to remember what we did but the records are a bit incomplete– please hit me up w/ any corrections, commissions, etc.


2005 Lineup:

Abhorred, About, Age Rings, Alek K Redfern, Alex Onslaught, Anderson Comedy, Animental, Aquanet, B.E.A.R.D., Bad Jaime, Badman, Bakula, Beauty Pill, Bent!, Big Digits, Black Forrest Black Sea, Black Helicopter, Blanks, Boston League of Women Wrestlers, Brenden Wesley, Bury the Needle, Certainly Sir, Cheer Accident, Christians and Lions, Clawjob, Colin of USAISAMONSTER, Conquistador, Conversions, Crystal Understanding, Cul de Sac, Dania Shapes, David Day, Diamonds in the Back, Dilly Dilly, Dirty on Purpose, DJ Casey, DJ David Dancer, DJ D'hana, DJ Frank White, DJ Joseph Colbourne, DJ Juan Maclean, DJ Ken, DJ Knife, DJ Morgan, DJ Paul Foley, DJ Sir Loins, DJ Tommee, DJ Yard, Donna Parker, Dust Galaxy, Eggplont, Eli Reed and the True Loves, Ernesto Gianola, Ettrick, Ex Models, Extinction Agenda, Faces on Film, Full Grown Spiders, Future Classics, Geoff Farina, Hallelujah the Hills, Harris, Harry and the Potters, Hats and Glasses, Headband, Heathen Shame, Hekersi, Helms, Hirudinea, Ho-Ag, Hot Lunch, In Black and White, Jana Hunter, Jason Forrest, Judah Johnson, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kids on T.V., Kites, Lazy Magnet, Legends of Style, Lip Service, Lorna Doom, Mahi Mahi, Major Stars, Make a Rising, Mark E. Moon, Mark Robinson, Matters and Dunaway, Meanings, Mike Joy, Mittens, MMM's Live Archive, Mo Juice Mike Costa, Musk, Neptune, Nicky Click, Noosebomb, Oliver North, Our Lady of Bells, Pants Yell!, Polaris Mine, Ponies in the Surf, Punk Rock Flea Market, Rahim, Reports, Reverand Glasseye and His Wooden Leg, Revocation, Rose Melberg, San Serac, Sheperdess, Shrinking Islands, Snakes Say Hiss, Square Productions, Squids, Steve Brodsky, Sweet Theives, Thalia Zedek, The Abraham Lincoln Brigade, The Beat Awfuls, The Body, The Chinese Stars, The Desert Sea, The Elephants, The Hidden, The In Out, The Konks, The Pill, The Student Council, Tiny Hawks, Tony Gong, Traniwreck, Tristan da Cunha, Truth Serum, U.V. Protection, USAISAMONSTER, Varietae, Victory at Sea, Villains, VJ Matt Boch, Volatile , Watchmaker, Well I Never and the I (Do) Declares, Why Twist the Hair, Yoni Gordon

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A 2005 Sampler CD was produced but I can’t find the artwork.


2006 Lineup:

40 Watts, Achillies, Alek K Redfern and the Eyesoars, Animal Hospital, As Long as We're All Living We're All Dying, B.E.A.R.D., Badman, Big Bear, Black Helicopter, Blacktail, Bones Brigade, Bread and Roses, Brown Bird, Cassette, Certainly Sir, Cornucopia, Crank Sturgeon, Crystal Cocks Over Canada, Devil Music, Disappearer, DJ Caulder, Juan Maclean, DJ Ken, DJ P , DJ PTVN, Donna and Kate, Ed Gein, Electrosocial, Fat Worm of Error, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Fiasco, Fruit Salad, Get Killed, Get Smart, Ghetto Fighters, Goat of Arms, Hats and Glasses, Hivemind, Ho-Ag, Isolee, Jacob Berendes, Jason Anderson, Karlheinz, Kayo Dot, Khanate, Landing, Luasa Raelon, Mad Man Films, Made in Mexico, Magic People, Mahi Mahi, Major Stars, Mark Robinson, Meli, Minamata, Mittens, Night Rally, No Idols, Nurse and Soldier, Octave Museum, Organelles, Pants Yell!, Parts and Labor, Piles, Plunge into Death, PosiXforce, Pragnus Grey, Presley, Protokoll, Punk Rock Flea Market, Purity's Failure, Rainbow Bright, Ramona Cordova, Raw Radar War, Regeneration Records, Reports, Ringers, Roh Delikat, Shanghai Valentine, Shore Leave, Sinaloa, Soul-le-lu-jah, The 9 Billion Names of God, The Butcherings, The Carslile Sound, The Chinese Stars, The Gossip, The Hound, The Invisibles, The LUVs, The Mules, Oxford Collapse, The Pill, The Reputation, The Sanguine, The Teeth, The Westward Trail, They and the Children, Throne of Blood, Tigersaw, Tiny Hawks, Titty Cakes, Toxic Narcotic, Travers, Tunnel of Love, U.V. Protection, Victory at Sea, We Are Wolves, Where Are You From? Are You in School?, Wilderness, Wildlife, x-04, Yoni Gordon

Media Sponsor: The Weekly Dig

This CD was put out by our sponsors, The Weekly Dig, in advance of the series.

This CD was put out by our sponsors, The Weekly Dig, in advance of the series.



Great Scott (2005, 2006), O'Brien's Pub (2005, 2006), P.A.'s Lounge (2006), The Middle East (Corner), T.T. The Bears (2006), The Middlesex Lounge (2005, 2006), The Cyclorama (2006), ZuZu (2005), The Midway Cafe (2006), The Milky Way Lounge (2006), YWCA (Central Square, Cambridge MA) (2006), Massachusetts College of Art ((2005, 2006), Northeastern University (2005), Regeneration Records (2005), Chez Vous (Skate Rink) (2006), The Brattle Theatre (2006), Jacque's Cabaret (2006)


Mass Art Eventworks (2005, 2006), Alex Onslaught (2006), Truth Serum (2006), EXiMiOUS Productions (2005, 2006), Honeypump (2005), Bodies of Water Arts & Crafts (2005, 2006), Hot Lunch (2006), The Student Council (2006), The Pill (2005, 2006), The Plan (2005, 2006), The Dear John Letter Lounge (2006), Bent! (2006), Ernesto Gianola (2006), MUSK (2006), Varietae (2006), Corleone Records (2005, 2006), Square Productions (2005, 2006), Aquanet (Jamaica Plain) (2006), Clawjob (2006)